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I love using this site because it  lets me work with fellow Christians.  It’s like I am sowing back into my brothers and sisters in Christ!
Kenneth, OH 
I needed a daycare center for my 2 daughters so I contacted my church and they didn’t know of anyone at my church.  When I went to, I immediately found Pippen's Palace from Third New Hope Baptist Church.  I was drawn to the company because I know of the pastor.  As soon as I met Miss Pippen, I knew that this was the place for my children.  They teach the children Christian values as well as other educational properties.  Thank you!
Burron Pitman, MI
I was looking for someone that can place my company name on tee shirts and I found Sharon’s Originals on  Sharon is a pleasure to work with and does fabulous work.
Carol, MI
If you haven’t had Grandad’s sweet tea, then shame on you.  It is simply DELICIOUS!  This company is family owned and I just can’t stop drinking it.  My favorite is grandazzle(sweet tea and lemonade)!
Bobby Johnson, MI
I find everything I need on this website!  What took you guys so long to make KC3!  You guys are a life saver! 
Stephanie, MI
I never realized what a blessing it is to be able to easily find and work with a business professionals from my own church!  I didn’t realize we had this many businesses in my church.  Why go anywhere else!
Maurice, OH
this is a test to see how things look on the testimonials page Bobby Johnson , MI