Kingdom Congregation Corporate Concordance: Create Profile



Q. Is there a fee for advertising?
A. Click here
Q. Am I going to screen my service providers?
A. Business professionals have to be members of a Christian church.  We contact the church.
Q. What should a customer think about when choosing a service provider?

In choosing a service provider, customers should do their due diligence in research.  KC3 allows service providers to list business references for customers to follow up on.  In addition, customers should research the business owner's website, look up the business on the Better Business Bureau, ask to see a portfolio of past projects and work.

Customers will have to check the Service Provider qualifications.  KC3( is not responsible for what service providers claim to be. is a listing of businesses within a church membership and does not endorse or vouch for any business.

Q. Will this benefit me?
A. You will be able to potentially expand your business. KC3 allows people the opportunity to promote their business without worrying about their names being placed in a general directory and lost in the vast pool of business competitors.
Q. How do I know people will see and visit the website?
A. When believers have the advantage of doing business with people of like faith, they will be drawn to the website.
Q. What if a disagreement between a Service Provider and a Customer happens?
A. The dispute is between the customer and the Service Provider.The rights between customer and provider are found in the Terms of Services link.
Q. What assurance do I have that the Service Provider will fulfill the job requirements?
A. It is the customer’s responsibility to see that services are completed as stated under the Terms of Service.
Q. What do I do if I my church home is not part of the list?
A. Send an email to regarding the church home you would like added.