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How we get your business more exposure...together!

Are you a small business owner struggling to get your business noticed?
2 main reasons 90% of small businesses fail are:
Poor marketing
Lack of funding
33% of businesses fail in the first 2 years, and 50% in five years. Marketing is essential to growing a business but can be very expensive. Social media ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, and custom email blasts – all these can cost a pretty penny to reach a large audience.

Typical fees for digital marketing:

Google ads:

Around $1,000 / month for 100,000 views monthly.

YouTube ads:

Around $3.50 to $20 per CPM (cost-per-impression) 100,000 views are $2500

Facebook ads:

Around $0.94 per click or $12/1,000 impressions at 100,000 impressions is around $1,200

Linkedin ads

Around $4 per CPM. 1,000 impressions
= $1,200 per month

Mass Email blasts:

Around $5,000 = 135,000 emails per month

All 5 combined are around $10,000 a month to reach 100k+ potential customers monthly!

What if you could have the equivalent of $10,000 per month

in advertising for $400 per year?

My pastor always says, “IT’S A SYNCH BY THE INCH BUT HARD BY THE YARD.” “This is how KC3 gets your business more exposure” We do it together, as one body! Here at, we’re on a mission to reach over 100,000 views monthly by promoting Christian businesses across 5 different platforms. When you list your business on, you join forces with other KC3 members to create a larger advertising platform than just doing it alone, thus empowering KC3 to be seen by 100’s of 1,000’s monthly. And when customers see KC3, they see you! Customers realize this is where they go to find who, you guessed it, YOU! You are not just part of a directory, but a community of Christian businesses having one mind to connect and grow together in the Body of Christ.

Our standard listing fee is $400 per year. Right now, you can list your business and lock in the incredible price of $195/year for the next 3 years.

We bridge the gap between Christian businesses and potential customers throughout the Body of Christ:

Increasing your visibility and exposure,

taking your marketing to the next level

Join KC3 today, and together we can help build Kingdom businesses and make an impact in the body of Christ. Let’s take your business to the next level!

Features & Benefits

Skyrocket Your Business Visibility

  • Unlock the power of multifaceted marketing strategies tailored specifically for Christian business owners.
  • From social media to email marketing and beyond, reach a wider audience of potential customers.
  • Your business will shine as soon as people lay eyes on KC3. We are the ultimate destination for discovering your business.

Targeted Exposure

  • When people see KC3, they immediately know that kc3online is the place to find your business, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Showcase your business to the right audience based on factors such as the church you attend, profession, or location. This targeted approach ensures that your business reaches individuals who are specifically interested in your offerings.

Network with other Christian businesses

  • Join our exclusive community of like-minded Christian businesses where collaboration and support are at the heart of everything we do.
  • Forge valuable relationships, network, and receive recommendations from fellow KC3 members.
  • Unlock unexpected doors as you connect with other KC3 members, leading to exciting collaborations and partnerships.

Captivate Customers with Irresistible Offers

  • Tempt potential customers with irresistible deals, enticing coupons, discounts, and special offers.
  • Showcase your business in its best light, driving customer engagement and boosting sales.
  • We'll distribute your coupons, offers, and specials twice a month through our user-friendly app, text blasts, and influential social media channels.

KC3 Christian business to business initiative

  • No more worrying about finding clients.
  • We do the heavy lifting and literally bring business to your doorstep.
  • We provide a list of businesses that directly relate to your business who want to network with you.
  • Network with like-minded professionals and grow together.

Maximize your brand recognition with the “KC3 Synch by the Inch” method

  • No more burden of spending a fortune on expensive advertising on your own.
  • By joining KC3, you join forces with other KC3 business owners to create a larger advertising platform that provides the equivalent of 1,000’s of dollars in advertising for a fraction of the cost.
  • You are part of a community of Christian businesses having one mind to connect and grow together in the Body of Christ.

Instantly Reach Your Customers with Text Blast Services

  • Stay connected with your customers through kc3online's text blast services.
  • Send instant messages, updates, and promotions to keep your customers engaged and informed.
  • Foster stronger relationships and drive customer loyalty by delivering timely messages directly to their mobile devices.

Kingdom Building

  • By joining kc3online, you become an active participant in Kingdom building, aligning your business with a noble cause, using your entrepreneurial spirit to positively impact lives and glorify God.
  • We tithe 10% of your membership fee back to the church you attend.
  • Circulating dollars throughout the Christian community.

Showcase Your Business with an Immersive 3-Page Ad

  • Dazzle potential customers with a captivating 3-page ad that showcases the essence of your business.
  • Showcase your website, social media links, detailed descriptions, portfolio, reviews, ratings, and more.
  • From your unique offerings to your brand story, kc3online provides a canvas for you to share your vision with the world.
  • Make a lasting impression and captivate customers who value excellence.

Access Your Business Anywhere with the KC3 App

  • Stay connected and manage your business effortlessly with the kc3online mobile app.
  • Access your business listing, communicate with customers, and seize opportunities on the go.
  • Send monthly notifications of exclusive coupons, specials, and discounts for your business.
  • Whether at home or on the move, you can effortlessly engage with your audience and manage your business effectively.