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Everything We Need Is In The Body of Christ

Believers Networking With Believers

Circulating Dollars Throughout the Christian Community

That usher you see every Sunday could be the expert you need. We sit next to lawyers, craftsmen, accountants, and more having no idea who the Lord has placed us next to.

Imagine the possibilities if we utilized the gifts and talents of the Saints.

Imagine what we can do working as one Body in Christ!

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When We Build Within The Kingdom

Christian Businesses Thrive

We can now support our brothers and sisters,

. . . Sowing into their businesses,

. . . causing growth and employment opportunities.

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The Church Thrives

More revenue made by Christian businesses means more tithes and offerings in the church.

10% of each Christian business’s membership fee goes back to the church they attend.

The Kingdom Thrives

We can now tap into our own rich resources. Members from different churches & communities networking together, circulating Christian dollars throughout the Christian community, advancing the Kingdom.

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