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The KC3 Christian Business to Business Initiative

Want More Business?
Finally! The Right Customers At Your Fingertips.

  • I'm so sick of trying to find new customers! Hello, my name is Bobby Johnson, and I am an architectural designer.
  • Does this sound familiar? Someone calls me with an interest in hiring my services. My response use to be, "Great, when do they want to start?" But, once they hear the fees, they say: "...ok, I will get back with you." Then, I'm waiting...and waiting... and waiting. Now, if I hear someone is interested in my services, I'm like, "that's nice, do they know how much I charge?"
  • Why can’t I find the RIGHT CUSTOMERS? I mean, is that too much to ask?
  • I’m fed up with looking and waiting. It's not like customers grow on trees . . .or do you just need to know which forest to go to?
  • I get a call from a general contractor I previously worked with. He knew a potential client that understood typical fees and wanted my services.
  • THESE are the types of clients I need in my life! Now the question becomes: How do I get more customers like these coming?
  • The answer is simple . . .use and grow my network! Through KC3, I am able to expand my network so only the right customers come to my door.
  • I can do the same for your business as well as all Christian companies! I have developed a formula where I can create an exclusive, ever growing network tailored specifically for your Christian business.
Introducing: The KC3 Christian Business-to-Business Initiative
  • Tired of waiting for clients to find you?  We do the dirty work for you!
  • At kc3online, we understand the strength of unity. We connect you to businesses that relate specifically to your business type. Forge valuable relationships, leverage each other's expertise, and actively recommend and support one another's businesses, becoming part of a supportive community that uplifts and empowers.
  • Below are examples of Christian owned businesses that are a part of the KC3 B-to-B Initiative. Click on their links to see their business profiles.
  • Unlock unexpected doors as you connect with other KC3 members, leading to exciting collaborations and partnerships.
  • Get connected with a business now for FREE!

Example Companies

For Your Free Business, Just

In 48 hours you will receive an email with a specific business related to your profession, ready to network with you!

Please support the business and leave a review for both them and KC3 on facebook and Let's grow together!

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